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Our vision towards occupational health and safety

Promec Mining Inc. considers its employees as the company’s most important resource. Occupational Health and Safety is therefore a foremost priority for conducting efficient operations.

In order to provide a healthy work environment and safe working conditions for all of its employees, the management is committed to providing the necessary resources to elaborate and implement the programs required to achieve this. Furthermore, the management is committed to take all necessary reasonable precautions to ensure that all risks of occupational injury and disease are eliminated at the source or duly controlled.To achieve this objective, management will ensure that all of its employees, either salaried or hourly, are knowledgeable as to their roles, their responsibilities and obligations regarding Occupational Health and Safety.

Management recognizes that team work is essential to achieve its Occupational Health and Safety objectives. It will support the implementation and the functioning of a Joint Health and Safety Committee. Furthermore, all employees will be encouraged to participate in identifying and eliminating all hazards in the workplace. To achieve this objective, all of the routine safety activities will be conceived as to facilitate the active involvement of the employees.

Management recognizes that employee’s training is essential to administer an Occupational Health and Safety Program. It is committed to train and inform all employees on the hazards associated to their respective work and on the safe working methods to respect while executing the required work.

Our mission relative to Occupational Health and Safety is to perform a superior quality work while respecting all legislation, standards and the industry’s best practices in an injury free environment. Prevention in the workplace is the tool that will permit us to achieve this mission. It is by working all as one that we will stand as an example of excellence in this field.

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