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Our vision towards environment

Promec Mining Inc. considers that the preservation of the natural resources is a foremost priority for conducting efficient and safe operations. The management is committed to mobilize all necessary resources to elaborate and implement the programs required to achieve this.

Furthermore, the management is committed to take all necessary reasonable precautions to ensure that all risks of contamination to the environment are eliminated at the source or duly controlled. To achieve this objective, management will ensure that all of its employees, either salaried or hourly, are knowledgeable as to their roles, their responsibilities and obligations regarding Environmental Protection.

Management is committed to work in partnership with its clients in supporting their Environmental Policy. It will ensure that all of the clients’ environmental requirements and obligations are respected and duly followed. In order to achieve this obligation, management is committed to:

  • Operate all projects in conformity to the applicable environmental legislation;
  • Train and inform all employees on this policy and that of its clients;
  • Develop, with the clients collaboration, an Environmental Emergency Intervention Plan in the event that the client does not have such a plan;
  • Manage all rubbish and garbage generated by the project in respect with all legal requirements and the clients’ specific requirements;
  • Evaluate each activity as to identify the environmental impact in order to prevent a possible contamination of the natural resources.

Our mission relative to Environmental Protection is to perform a superior quality work while respecting all legislation, standards and the industry’s best practices in a contamination free environment. Prevention and the employee’s awareness in the workplace are the tools that will permit us to achieve this mission. It is by working all as one that we will stand as an example of excellence in this field.

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