Our history

The company was founded in Val-d’Or in 1952 by Mister Evert Ross, a Swedish immigrant. At the time, it was specialized in shaft sinking. The company’s name was Evert Ross. In 1956, Mister George William Finlay joins Evert Ross as a junior Partner. The new company becomes Evert Ross and Associates Ltd and diversifies into mine services. In 1968, George William Finlay and a group of junior share holders acquire the company to form Ross-Finlay.

In 1984, Mister Blair Morton, who had joined the company in 1968 as a supervisor, acquires enough shares to become the majority shareholder and with a group of junior shareholders, purchases the company. Mister George William Finlay decides to retire at that point. In 1989, Société minière Espalau purchases Ross-Finlay. In 1997, Société minière Espalau sells its shares to a tripartite group formed of one part of a group of forty employees, one part of Gestion BFM and one part of Fond de solidarité des travailleurs du Québec. The new company is then named Ross-Finlay 2000.

In 2010, Construction Promec Inc. associated with two local investors, Jos Deschenes and Harold Boulanger, acquires the company. The name Entrepreneur minier Promec Inc. is then adopted.

In brief...